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About Us

Since 1987, ProSoft Solutions has provided software and service exclusively to nonprofit and government entities across North America. We love our clients. We have assisted hundreds of organizations including Advocacy Groups, Addiction/Substance Abuse, Adoption Agencies, Arts & Humanities Groups, Churches, Cities, Colleges, Counties, Community Action Agencies, Community Development Groups, Development Districts, Research Organizations, Educational Institutions, Food Banks, Foundations, Head Start Organizations, Health Clinics, Health Research Facilities, Hospitals, Housing Organizations, Human Services, Legal Services, Libraries, Mental Health Organizations, Political Organizations, Nonprofit Radio/TV Stations, Religious Organizations, Schools, Service Organizations, Social Service Organizations, Tribes, Towns Utility Authorities, Youth Organizations and many more.

We strive to provide and train our clients with the perfect accounting system for their needs. Our staff of CPAs, MBAs and training and implementation consultants have designed hundreds of ERP systems and are driven to amplify the mission and vision of our clients. ProSoft traditionally serves organizations through implementing and training clients with the acclaimed MIP Fund Accounting system and its suite of complimentary products.  At ProSoft our focus is simple, we work to understand your immediate and long-term needs and identify and implement the most sustainable and cost-effective system. Our exclusive work with nonprofits and government agencies means we have tackled almost any  challenge you may be facing and are well equipped to serve you. 

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