MIP Fund Accounting enables nonprofit organizations and municipalities to boost fiscal stability and manage ever-increasing financial complexities with ease and confidence. MIP's software delivers everything you need to track, report, and manage finances according to your unique revenue sources. Its flexibility enables you to serve your organization – today, tomorrow, and beyond. 

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Built from the ground up exclusively for nonprofits and government entities.


MIP allows for varied deployment and licensing options. Importantly, your organization can select either MIP On-Premise or MIP Cloud.


MIP gives you the ability to manage an unlimited number of budgets. You can easily review budgeted amounts, dollars spent and committed funds. Estimate future periods and calculate forecasted financial position, including analyzing “what-if” scenarios for better decision making.


MIP's modular structure provides organizations the opportunity to purchase only the functional areas they require. As your organization develops, adding new modules can address your changing needs. Anytime that features are added, MIP Fund Accounting maintains the integrity of existing data, providing you a solid foundation for financial accountability.


MIP allows for the production of a wide selection of reports, such as FASB-or GASB-compliant, audit-ready financial statements. Easily report on multiple fiscal years in the same report or create reports that cross fiscal years. Meet the critical reporting requirements of auditors and management with MIP's flexible, robust report writer. Demonstrate your entity's financial responsibility by showing critical data in presentable, easy-to-distribute reports.


MIP's table-driven chart of accounts structure is incredibly valuable to nonprofits and governments. By customizing your chart of accounts, you eliminate the need to manually enter strings of account combinations. You can record funds, grants, programs, contributors, and more with an unlimited number of segments.

MIP Fund Accounting Modules

General Ledger: Track financial information in a way that works best for your organization using a flexible, segmented chart of accounts. The General Ledger is the foundational module that tracks cash receipts, cash disbursements, journal vouchers, and other financial transactions with an easy-to-use report writer directly within the application.
Accounts Payable: The Accounts Payable module is used to centralize all vendor information and automate 1099 production. To help create a streamlined process, your Accounts Payable transactions will simultaneously update vendor accounts and the General Ledger. Reporting is easier because you can pay vendors from multiple cash accounts.
Accounts Receivable Reporting: Accounts Receivable reporting allows you to track all revenue streams while managing its information.
Accounts Receivable BillingAccount Receivable Reporting with Accounts Receivable Billing helps create invoices, request payment, manage prepayments, and create customer statements. Invoice as often as needed with the flexibility to create custom billing cycles. Sales Order Entry allows you to streamline your entry process and easily record sales transactions.
Data Import / Export: Use the Data Import / Export module to eliminate time-consuming duplicate entry or to reduce errors from manual data entry. Users can also facilitate the transfer of information into MIP Fund Accounting, such as general ledger entries from outsourced payroll or other systems and accounts receivable information from specialized billing systems.
BudgetCreate an unlimited number of customized budgets for any timeframe including cross-year budgets, enforce budget control with a single click, and activate warnings when at risk of overspending. Forecast and create “what-if” scenarios to ensure a strong financial position for your organization in the future. See how transactions will affect your outstanding budget in real time as they are created with a budget view available directly within transaction entry.
Bank Reconciliation: Improve cash management by closely monitoring bank balances and transactions using the Bank Reconciliation module.
Purchase Order: This module provides easy-to-use purchase order entry, strong reporting, integration with Accounts Payable and Receiving gives this MIP seamless functionality. Stay within your budget using one-click budget check.
Forms DesignerMake each document coming from your organization look professional, such as billing statements, check stock and purchase orders. Create custom preferences, such as manager signatures, automatically included on checks under a defined value. 
Fixed Assets: Track assets, calculate depreciation and automatically generate depreciation and disposal entries in the
General Ledger. Quickly enter new assets using Quick Asset Entry, when recording purchases in Accounts Payable, cash disbursements or Purchase Order.
Advanced Security: Promote accountability and reduce fraud risk with Advanced Security organization audit. Simplify the audit process with comprehensive reporting capabilities and protect sensitive information with database encryption. When multiple users access MIP, Administrators can limit confidential information, like employee salaries or other department budgets.
Allocations Management: Perform complicated allocations in a single mouse click with accuracy and consistency. Flexible reporting allows you to view the impact of your allocations prior to accepting them into your General Ledger.
Encumbrances: Easily reserve funds for planned expenditures or commitments and improve your tracking and compliance for reporting. Include encumbrances on financial reports and within the budget checking tools within MIP to measure true budget performance.
Data Consolidation: Consolidate information from local chapters or field offices to create organization-wide aggregate financial reports. Data Consolidation also serves as a tool to help create comparative reports for different offices as well.
Payroll: Produce timely and accurate pay for the employees who keep your organization moving forward. Generate fully allocated accounting entries, and keep comprehensive employee records using the payroll module. We stay up to date on tax rates so you don’t have to. Stay fully tax compliant with paper and eFiling options for both State and Federal forms.
Human Resources: Streamline your payroll process by making updates and changes to employee information from directly within the Human Resources module. Integration between your payroll and MIP product provides quick and easy HR reporting (including FMLA and EEO) and tax form population. Employee data including certification, education, review dates, and benefit plan adjustments is easily and efficiently tracked.
Employee Web Services (EWS): Streamline timesheet entry and provide employees and managers 24/7 web access to their pay stub, benefit information, and important employee messages. Many timesheet entry preferences are available including the option to record hours by multiple cost centers. Allow Human Resources teams to focus on managing employees rather than handling mundane information requests.
Electronic Requisitions (EREQ): Improve the availability of information for pre-purchase decision making with Electronic Requisitions. Review the impact of current requests with our one-click budget checking tool. Receive notification via email of status changes to requisition requests. Approve or reject requisitions directly from your mobile device such as an iPhone or Android device.
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