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The ProSoft Process

The ProSoft Process: About

The needs of every organization are unique – we want to serve you by designing and implementing a system that perfectly captures your needs. At ProSoft we tailor our services to accomplish this. Rather than sales people, ProSoft is a family of experience consultants, technology professionals and CPAs, completely focused on meeting your organization's software needs, so you can stay focused on your mission.


The ProSoft Process: Products

Through our work with hundreds of nonprofits and government organizations, we have established the ProSoft Process, a nine-step approach to ensure you are equipped with the perfect system and training program. As we outline below, we begin by engaging in a discovery phase, so we can truly understand your concerns, challenges, long-term plans and business policies and practices, which allows us to identify the right structure to accomplish your goals. We will then collaborate to select the optimal system design and deployment, before providing you with a custom-built system using best practices. Once we have uploaded (cloud) or installed (on-premise) your new structure and database we will train you and your staff using your new system. This is a key element in ensuring a successful implementation and fulsome learning process. During training and implementation, we will assist you in the building of many of your basic report types, allowing you to fully maximize your system once “Go-Live” occurs. Provided below is additional detail on the “ProSoft Process.”

The ProSoft Process: Features

The ProSoft Process: In-Detail

The ProSoft Process

1. Discovery We will work with you throughout the implementation to define your needs in order to apply best practices relating to your implementation. This will include information regarding your concerns, challenges, long-term plans, business policies and practices. We will employ various techniques to gather this information, including professional analysis, interviews with key staff, evaluation of your system, review of your reports and discussion of your future plans. This is a vital step to ensure that the structure of your system is properly designed and deployed. Also, this will assist us in providing customized training.
2. Dedicated Staff ProSoft takes a professional approach to every project. A project and customer account manager will be dedicated to your project and will serve as the primary contacts throughout, as well as working alongside your team in the future. The managers will coordinate with you to understand your needs, plan the project and communicate with your staff to ensure a smooth implementation and effective transition. It is vital that we have one primary manager from your staff who is committed to the project and has a strong understanding of your organization and the capacity to make timely decisions and be actively be engaged from project inception through project completion.
3. Implementation Plan We will work with you to develop a comprehensive implementation plan.  The plan will include schedules, tasks, staffing issues, etc., and will serve as a roadmap for the entire process ensuring a coordinated and effective implementation effort. Often, we find it to be most effective to break the implementation into multiple phases for projects (i.e. core fund accounting, procurement) to ensure information is fully retained.
4. Conversion Services (if required) If you require any data services, ProSoft will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your data and discuss your best-practice conversion options.  We will provide the necessary questionnaires and instructions for your staff.  We will ask that you provide data in an acceptable format and verify the integrity of the data prior to submitting it. to MIP Fund Accounting.  Due to your staff’s familiarity with your current structure, we will depend on your staff to assist us in mapping the data into your new system, to ensure it is presented in a structure you are excited about. We will be glad to provide estimated pricing for conversion services, if needed.
5. Design & Building of System Once we have an in-depth understanding of your structural needs, desired cost centers, general processes, etc., we will work alongside you to implement a custom-built system that will serve your long-term needs, efficiently and cost-effectively.
6. Custom Training In light of your staff’s availability, our project manager will carefully plan your custom training. Wherever possible, we will train and/or communicate using your new system. Our goal throughout the training process is to ensure your staff can effectively and efficiently utilize all aspects of your new system. We often hold certain aspects of training until after your first live period is complete, in order to have actual data to work with (i.e. bank reconciliation, reporting), which we have found enhances the learning process.
7. Installation of Software & Database Installation is a very straightforward process. If you are setting the system up on your own servers, you can choose full SQL or SQL Express.  If you choose one of our web-based options, we will set up your system and logins. We will be glad to answer questions relating to the setup and installation of your system, particularly regarding recommended minimum software and hardware requirements.
8. Go-Live After or during training, you will “Go-Live” with your new MIP system. We encourage most organizations to “Go-Live” during training, as it provides your staff with an in-depth understanding of your custom-built system. “Go-Live” is a smooth process and we look forward to discussing it with you in detail as implementation progresses.
9. Ongoing Support Following the implementation of your new system and related training program, we are available to answer questions  following the end of training. We would recommend that you consider adding a valuable annual support plan, which allows for us to provide ongoing support and additional training and consulting for existing staff members or new employees.
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